More and more homeowners have noticed noises in the attic, and bats in the house.  Bats get in through the smallest of cracks in the exterior.  Protect the greatest investment you have in your house by keeping pests like bats out.

I had bats in the house, and couldn’t figure out where they were getting in.

Many homes have ridge vents.  Many times these vents are plastic, and who knows how many years old?  Ridge vent, as it ages in the sun, gets wavy and warps.  The gap left is one of the easiest ways for bats to get into the attic.

My ridge vent is warped, and in the evenings, I’ve noticed bats flying in and out of the roof ridge.

Homeowners with this type of bat problem don’t have to tear off the ridge vent, because of the amazing product called Ridge-Guard®.